Wednesday, November 11, 2015

University Press Week Blog Tour: Day 3

It's the third day of the annual blog tour for University Press Week. Stayed tuned tomorrow when we share quintessential street photographer Mark Cohen's 1970s street style and his behind-the-photos commentary. Our fellow presses are featuring themed posts for each day of the week. Check out yesterday's stops here. Monday's posts are collected here. Today's theme is University Press Design.

Participate in the celebration by reading through the blog tour all this week, contribute to the conversation using the hashtags #ReadUP #UPshelfie #UPWeek on social media, and visit for more information.

Blog Tour Day 3
University Press Design

Athabascau University Press in-house designer and production coordinator will be looking at the press's favorite fonts for interior book design.
Hope LeGro, director of Georgetown Languages, discusses what it takes for editors to get textbook content ready for the designer so that the book and the coordinating ancillary materials create the best possible learning experience.
One of the Harvard University Press designers will walk us through the ideas and designs she abandoned on her way to completing a recent jacket.
The Northwestern University Press will feature a Q&A with book cover designer and Creative Director, Marianne Jankowski, in which she will discuss her own design background and answer several questions such as, "How is working on a trade cover different from a scholarly cover?" and "What are some of the trends in university press design that you've noticed?" Marianne has over 25 years experience in book design. 
Designer Chris Lapinski will introduce and launch the Princeton University Press design department's new Tumblr blog, which will highlight PUP design across all departments while delving into the conversation on visual culture in book publishing. Chris will reflect on the art of design and its place in book history.
The Syracuse University Press will feature past award-winning designs and some recent successful trade designs.
A profile/Q&A with freelance designers, Anne Jodan and Mitch Goldstein, who've designed a number of notable book jackets for Stanford University Press.

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