Monday, November 9, 2015

University Press Week Blog Tour: Day 1

Welcome to the fourth annual University Press Week! University presses are full of surprises each year and this year we didn’t have to look hard to find the unique and
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special ways that these presses make their mark on the world. From our very own James Beard award winner Yucatán by Chef David Sterling to Princeton University Press’s 150th Anniversary Edition of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dali and Ohio University Press’s illustrated YA novel Trampoline, this has been a year of outstanding publishing from university presses. All the while, university presses continue to publish the best scholarship from the foremost thinkers working today and garner awards and media attention in vast numbers for their work. University presses worldwide are proud to create these varied, often surprising, and always incredibly well-researched publications for students as well as armchair scholars, librarians, journalists, booksellers, and general readers alike.

For the annual blog tour, our fellow presses are featuring themed posts for each day of the week including, “Surprise!”, Design, Throwback Thursday, conversations between authors and their editors, and The Future of Scholarly Publishing.

Participate in the celebration by reading through the blog tour all this week, contribute to the conversation using the hashtags #ReadUP #UPshelfie #UPWeek on social media, and visit for more information.

Blog Tour Day 1

The University of California Press will feature their Luminos and Collabra Open Access publishing platforms.
Enjoy recipes and photos from recent University Press of Florida cookbooks that have changed how people view the Sunshine State, highlighting a thriving food scene that has often gone unnoticed amid the state's highly-publicized beaches and theme parks.
The University Press of Kentucky will be surprising everyone with a pop quiz of some surprising facts about AAUP Member Presses.
Steve Yates, marketing director at University Press of Mississippi, describes how the Press has partnered with Lemuria Books in Jackson and writers across the state to create the Mississippi Books page at the Clarion Ledger.
The University of Nebraska Press is more than their books! Meet the UNP staff and learn what they do.
The University Press of New England will reflect on the unusual success of a book from their trade imprint, ForeEdge—the book titled Winning Marriage, by Marc Solomon, tracing the years-long, state-by-state legal battle for marriage equality in America. Surprises came in many forms: from the serendipitous timing of the book’s publication with the Supreme Court ruling to the book’s ability to resonate with general readers and legal scholars alike—and many others surprises in between.
Mystery fiction is a surprise hit, and a surprisingly good fit, at the University of Wisconsin Press. Our sleuths in several series include a duo of globe-trotting art history experts, a Wisconsin sheriff in a favorite tourist destination, a gay literature professor, and a tough detective who quotes Shakespeare and Melville.

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