Tuesday, November 10, 2015

University Press Week Blog Tour: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the annual blog tour for University Press Week. Our fellow presses are featuring themed posts for each day of the week. Check out yesterday's stops here. Today's theme is The Future of Scholarly Publishing. Read our Editor-In-Chief's post from UP Week 2013 here.

Participate in the celebration by reading through the blog tour all this week, contribute to the conversation using the hashtags #ReadUP #UPshelfie #UPWeek on social media, and visit www.UniversityPressWeek.org for more information.

Blog Tour Day 2
The Future of Scholarly Publishing

The University Press of Colorado reflects on their 50th anniversary this year, and what the future might hold for the press and the university press community in general.

Enjoy a blog post by Mason Publishing on a global survey of digital tools used in scholarly communication and research workflows.
The University of Georgia Press on how university presses are picking up the slack left by trade publishers because of their aversion to risk when it comes to niches in nonfiction publishing. The press is featuring a new series in cooperation with the Library of American Landscape History.
Indiana University Press director Gary Dunham on the future of scholarly publishing.
Read commentary from Johns Hopkins University Press editorial director Greg Britton.
University Press of Kansas director Chuck Myers shares his thoughts about the future of scholarly presses.
University of North Carolina Press director John Sherer's essay, "The Case for Financial Support of Your University Press."
Oxford University Press Editorial Director Sophie Goldsworthy on broad trends in scholarly publishing.
Reflections on the value of acquisitions work and the meaning of curating/gatekeeping in the digital era from the West Virginia University Press.

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