Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dallas Morning News :: Uchi The Cookbook

Uchi The Cookbook
by Tyson Cole
Fish Stories: Austin Chef and James Beard Honoree Tyson Cole Writes the Book on Sushi

"Making sushi was what I was born to do," writes Tyson Cole in the new, autobiographical Uchi The Cookbook (University of Texas Press, $39.95). But sushi is more than mere food to the acclaimed Austin chef. The cuisine was his gateway drug to a culture tradition and aesthetic, sparking a reverence so deep Cole taught himself to speak Japanese. In a story central to his personal lore, the Texas-raised Floridian rose from dishwasher to head sushi chef at Austins Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, then landed a job at top flight Musashino, where in an ironic reversal of prejudice, some diners didn't want him making their sushi because he wasn't Asian.

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