Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dallas Morning News :: The Trials of Eroy Brown

The Trials of Elroy Brown
by Michael Berryhill
Book on infamous prison killing case to be published by UT Press
By Diane Jennings/Reporter
Jun. 9, 2011

Thirty years ago the case of a Texas inmate, Eroy Brown, who was acquitted in the killing of two prison employees, shocked Texas prison officials. Now a book about the episode is being published by the University of Texas Press.

The Trials of Eroy Brown The Murder Case that Shook the Texas Prison system tells the story of the convicted burglar who admitted shooting a farm manager and struggling with a warden until he drowned in a ditch. Brown claimed he was acting in self defense and was tried three times. The first time he went to court ended in a mistrial, then two separate juries acquitted Brown of each death.

The publisher says defense attorneys Craig Washington, Bill Habern and Tim Sloan, "undertook heroic strategies" on behalf of Brown.
"I knew he was innocent," Habern says. "The evidence convinced the jury."

Habern says he's glad to see the publication of The Trials of Eroy Brown. "I thought the story would never be told."

The book by Michael Berryhill, chairman of the journalism department at Texas Southern University, costs $29.95 and will be released in October.

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