Thursday, May 5, 2011

The OC Weekly :: Our Lady of Controversy

Our Lady of Controversy
Edited by Alicia Gaspar de Alba
 and Alma López
Can a Gabacho Be More Mexican Than a Mexican?
[¡Ask a Mexican!] And why would an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe cause so much controversy?

GOOD MEXICAN OF THE WEEK! A decade ago, Chicana artist Alma Lopez released Our Lady, a digital collage that depicted the Virgin of Guadalupe as a living, breathing woman wearing Her trademark green shawl, as well as a bikini made of flowers. It proved one of the most momentous artworks of this millennium, provoking equal parts praise and outrage by tapados. Its influence is recounted in the recently released Our Lady of Controversy, Alma López's Irreverent Apparition, a collection of essays from Chicana scholars on the subject complete with the chingona DVD, I Love Lupe, a short documentary on Chicana art's constant tweaks of the iconic Guadalupe image. Essential reading for art and Chicana/o Studies freaks alike! Read More »

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