Friday, May 20, 2011

The Austin Chronicle :: Uchi: The Cookbook

Uchi: The Cookbook
by Tyson Cole
and Jessica Dupuy
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The Recipes Behind the Restaurants
Some favorite cookbooks from some favorite local eateries
By Claudia Alarcón, 5/20/2011

I fell in love with Tyson Cole's cuisine just months after Uchi opened. I've been a devoted customer since, and I have followed the making of this cookbook with great interest. Turns out it has exceeded every expectation. Thanks to Jessica Dupuy, who guided and polished the text while allowing Cole's voice to come through, reading the book is like talking to Cole in person. Dupuy truly brings the Uchi and Uchiko experience to life in these pages, and just like the food at both restaurants, the book is visually stunning, with impressive images by local photographer Rebecca Fondren.

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