Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Howard Garrett's Greatest Hits

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If a family member or neighbor made a comment about your lawn not reaching its full potential during your Memorial Day barbecue, may we suggest the infinite wisdom of Howard Garrett, aka “the Dirt Doctor.” Mr. Garrett not only knows all the tools and tricks to keep your garden looking lush and beautiful, he does it all organically. So this summer, when the neighborhood kids start eating the honeysuckle on your property, you won’t have to worry about poisoning them with pesticides! 

This week we round up the best of Howard Garrett: the books, the videos, and the soothing Texas drawl. We’re celebrating the start of summer with his latest book, Organic Lawn Care: Growing Grass the Natural Way. Read an excerpt from Organic Lawn Care on our website. Avoid this guy’s fate and know exactly what you’re doing when tending your lawn ethically:

Howard Garrett welcomes you to his world: organic gardening. Implement money and water saving techniques so you can brag about your all-natural garden like the Dirt Doctor:

Meet your lawn's new best friend: the Dirt Doctor’s compost tea:

Video highlight:
2:23: Why spray your garden with a cocktail 
of molasses, fish oil, and liquid seaweed?

Howard addresses a hot topic for organic lawn care, fire ant control:

Video highlight:
2:15 Howard reveals his fire ant whispering skills.

How did Mr. Garrett get into organic solutions for horticulture issues and what is the science behind these natural practices?

The Dirt Doctor website (www.dirtdoctor.com) has a wealth of information from the Texas Organic Research Center. Read about such research topics as bee decline, “cats, garlic & onions,” and how to kill mosquitoes with cinnamon oil. Read more research on organic practices here.

UT Press is very proud of the longtime relationship we’ve had with Howard Garrett. We were quite charmed by this video in which the Dirt Doctor walks his audience through the mound of books he’s published since the 1980s.

The story behind Plants of the Metroplex video highlights:
1:45—“I had a little more hair in those days.”
3:30—Garrett family photo circa 2006

A whopping 7 UT Press books are covered in this video with great insights into how these books came about and which ones are Howard’s personal favorites:

1:03Dear Dirt Doctor
1:22Howard Garrett’s Plants for Texas
1:55Texas Bug Book
3:55“One of the best-kept secrets,” Herbs for Texas
5:26Texas Gardening the Natural Way, “a compilation of all my books”
6:03Plants for Houston and the Gulf Coast
6:40 Organic Management for the Professional

There are so many more videos on the Dirt Doctor’s YouTube channel addressing all kinds of gardening issues and providing organic solutions. If you’re an avid gardener or even an outdoor enthusiast, we’d recommend checking out all that Howard has to offer. He’s a true Texas fixture and an early pioneer in the organic movement. Now git to gardenin'!
Read an excerpt here.

Read an excerpt here.
Read an excerpt here.

Read an excerpt here.
Read an excerpt here.

Read an excerpt here.

More from the Dirt Doctor:

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