Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembering Josh Ozersky

Since news of food writer Josh Ozersky's untimely death hit Twitter, those who knew him have called him the 'maharajah of meat', an 'epic food storyteller', a 'titan', and a 'mensch'. Josh wrote a biography of Colonel Sanders for us (Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, 2012) and his appetite for life could not be overlooked. He did a book signing at Austin's own Lucy's Fried Chicken and it was clear that his friends and fans alike drank up his energy, bravado, and clever insight on everything food and drink. 

Josh Ozersky talks with food blogger Ilana Sztaimberg during a book signing
at Lucy's Fried Chicken in Austin on April 27, 2012.
Josh was in Chicago for the restaurant portion of the James Beard Awards ceremony. He would have reveled in Aaron Franklin's win. Here are a few remembrances of his all too brief career as a celebrated food evangelist:

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For those who have never read Josh Ozersky's writing, take the time today to read some of his best pieces. Ozersky also produced a series of web videos, appeared on TV, and created Meatopia.

'Solitary Man'
Saveur, November 2013
For one struggling artist, food was solace, and chefs the ultimate muse

'The Hidden Virtues of Tweezer Food'
Esquire, April 2013

'Gastrodamus Speaks! The Future of Food in America, Revealed!'
Time, January 2013
Pink slime shall rise, horned bulls shall wane and other culinary predictions for the 22nd century

'Found: The Incredible Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere that Nobody Knows About'
Esquire, February 2014

'Ozersky's Rules for Dining Out'
Esquire, June 2013

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