Wednesday, February 6, 2013

AAUP Book, Jacket & Journal Show :: 13 UT Press Titles!

We are happy to report that many UT Press titles have been selected for inclusion in the 2013 AAUP Book, Jacket & Journal Show.

Judging for the 2013 AAUP Book, Jacket and Journal Show took place January 24-25 at the AAUP Central Office in New York City. Approximately 273 books, 331 jacket and cover design entries, and 4 journals were entered. 51 books and 44 jackets/covers were chosen by the jurors as the very best examples from this pool of excellent design.  
UT Press congratulates the design staff below on the recognition they duly deserve!

Trade Illustrated Books:
DKR: A Royal Scrapbook (designed by Derek George)
Andy Coolquitt
(designed by Derek George)
Nic Nicosia (designed by Lindsay Starr)

Trade Typographic Book:
Let the People In
(designed by Lindsay Starr)
Scholarly Illustrated Book:
Photographing the Mexican Revolution
(designed by Lindsay Starr)
All-American Boy
(designed by Derek George) 
Colonel Sanders and the American Dream (designed by Derek George) 
Dwight Yoakam (designed by Lindsay Starr) 
The Fictional Christopher Nolan (Ayham Ghraowi)
Killer on the Road
(designed by Derek George) 
Ryan Adams (designed by Lindsay Starr)
The Surprising Design of Market Economies (designed by Derek George)
Uncivil Wars (designed by Lindsay Starr)

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