Friday, December 16, 2011

Photo-Eye Magazine :: From Uncertain to Blue

From Uncertain to Blue
By Keith Carter
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The cover of From Uncertain to Blue jumps out at you. Keith Carter's reissue of his seminal early work of small-town Texas feels contemporary in design since Pentagram Austin's DJ Stout and Barrett Fry bring current touches to pictures that helped define Texas to a wider audience.

Horton Foote, in the original essay, sums up the work: "And here comes Keith Carter, with his lack of sentimentality, with not a trace of condescension or superiority, but with humor and a deep and honest respect and affection for what he has seen and observed, with his penetrating and ever-discerning eye, a poet's eye really, and makes us see all these familiar things—fresh." This essay adds to what we see in the clear-eyed images. Carter and his wife Patricia add an essay and notes from their times on the road. Few photographs are as well formed as this with the fleshed-out texts that bring depth to the work.

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