Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Austin 360 :: Gael Stack

Gael Stack
by Gael Stack
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Gael Stack gets a monograph from UT Press
By Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

Layered with cryptic calligraphic symbols, fragmentary texts and half-hidden images, the richly imaginative paintings of Gael Stack read simultaneously as elegant palimpsests and frenetic narratives.

The latest addition to the Dunkerley Contemporary Art Series, “Gael Stack” (University of Texas Press, $60) is the first retrospective monograph on this respected artist’s career and makes welcome addition to the scholarship on Texas contemporary art.

Some 143 images luminously chart Stack’s four decades of paintings. Her canvases offer an intriguing visual exploration of memory and of how the past infiltrates the present. Exhibited widely, Stack, who for long time lead the art department at the University of Houston, rightly gets the catalogue raisonne that she deserves, and essays by noted critics Raphael Rubinstein and Alison de Lima Greene astutely examine Stack’s work in the larger context of contemporary art.

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