Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Houston Chronicle :: From Uncertain to Blue

From Uncertain to Blue
By Keith Carter
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Coffee-table books worthy of conversation
By Steve Bennett

Betting money says the advancement of the Kindle and the iPad spells the death of the printed book. That could well be. Even though an iPad can link a paragraph on why a cheetah has spots to a video of a cheetah taking down a gazelle, it can't do what a coffee-table book does, which is announce to visitors that you are a civilized human being and that your living room is a center of culture.

Even though bookstores are failing, there is still room in the world for the big, bold, beautiful coffee-table book.

Here are a few recent editions worth their heft.

Photographer Keith Carter is a Texas treasure. He shows us what life is like - in black and white. In 1986, Carter and his wife, Pat, eschewed an exotic vacation to Morocco and bought a $3 Texas map. They circled small towns with names like Diddy Waw Diddy and Noodle, then drove to these dips in the road, and Carter made one photograph for each town. The project became his first book. Twenty-five years later, Carter has "re-envisioned" From Uncertain to Blue (University of Texas Press, $55), with a new essay and an introduction by Horton Foote, into a chronicle of the state and its people. You can look at these images - the bullet-riddled deer target in Mount Calm, worshipers painting the church in Lovelady - for hours.

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