Friday, October 21, 2011

Austin Chronicle :: Stirring It Up with Molly Ivins

Stirring It Up with Molly Ivins
By Ellen Sweets
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2011 Texas Book Festival cookbook reviews
By Barbara Chisholm

Stirring It Up With Molly Ivins: A Memoir With Recipes
by Ellen Sweets
University of Texas Press, 272 pp., $29.95

As an avid and loyal reader of Molly Ivins' work, I sought her column out when I opened the morning paper. There are some columns I remember distinctly for their pointed political commentary, laser-sharp observation, or wry take on some politico's buffoonery. And there are others I remember for their personal nature: the column where she disclosed the diagnosis of her breast cancer and urged readers to get mammograms, and the piece where she talked about her love of cooking and revealed that she was at that time cooking a lot from Simply French by Patricia Wells and Joel Robuchon. I took a ridiculous degree of glee from this column because I too had just procured this book and was cooking a lot from it, as well. I loved this personal glimpse into the private world of this public figure, and I flattered myself that it confirmed my suspicion: Ivins and I were so much alike! I knew we lived in the same neighborhood, and I imagined that she and I were happily puttering around our respective kitchens dicing and sautéing and preparing the same gougères, pommes des vendangeurs, or roast chicken. I fantasized about the two of us teaming up to prepare a feast for a group of funny and smart and sparkling mutual friends.

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