Saturday, June 4, 2011

The National, M Magazine :: I Want to Get Married!

I Want to Get Married!
By Ghada Abdel Aal
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I Want to Get Married: Ghada Abdel Aal
by Tahira Yaqoob
Jun 4, 2011

Ghada Abdel Aal lost count of marriage proposals after her 65th suitor - although by her account she is already two years past her sell-by date.

"The expiration date is 30," she declares. "Now that I'm 32, there are fewer and fewer offers."

But it was the endless trail of unsuitable would-be husbands that brought her international fame with a hilarious blog, the trigger for a best-selling book and a hit TV series.

There was "hot stuff", the doctor who interrupted their introduction to watch his favourite football team on television, then swore at Abdel Aal's mother for daring to intervene.

There was the hirsute fundamentalist, a "big ball of hair that had sprouted some eyes", who was keener than the two wives he brought along for good measure.

And there was the charming, briefcase-carrying admirer who made off with the contents of her wallet.

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