Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Huffington Post :: Oaxaca al Gusto

Oaxaca al Gusto:
An Infinite Gastronomy
By Diana Kennedy
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Sparks From the Culinary Edge
by Danika Boyle

" … Highlights included the lively Diana Kennedy, as she discussed her exquisite tribute to Mexican cuisine that comprises her latest cookbook and travelogue, Oaxaca al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy. She told of the immense work required to complete the book, and then she punctuated the talk with a story about her editor questioning the inclusion of a recipe on how to cook an iguana. Kennedy quipped that if it was relevant to at least four to five people, and she emphatically knew it would be, it would stay, and stay it did.

New York Times' food writer, cookbook author and blogger, Amanda Hesser, interviewed Jacques Pepin about his life during an early morning cooking demonstration where while crafting flowers our of butter, Pepin shared memories of his time in the kitchen with the late Julia Child and at one point noted that the only thing one needs to know after graduating culinary school is how to say "Yes, Chef." The audience, enraptured by the master, clapped and cheered like apostles of the culinary word.

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