Thursday, May 12, 2011

My West Texas News :: The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology

Austin Chronicle Music Anthology
Edited by Austin Powell
and Doug Freeman
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Chronicle's music anthology covers Austin's icons and unknowns
by John Boyd, Thursday, May 12, 2011
Midland Reporter-Telegram

Just as the flats of West Texas are known for their oil, Texas' capital city has become known for its own natural resource.

And while the superficial may say that resource -- live music -- has its own petro-like cycle of boom-and-bust in Austin, UT Press's new Austin Chronicle Music Anthology proves even in the seemingly lean years another generation of Texas talent pools just below the surface waiting to be tapped.

Spanning the early '80s through the summer of 2010,  Anthology crosses a variety of genres with a collection of archival pieces from the Chronicle's heralded writing staff.

Anthology smartly focuses on the staff's artist profiles (rather than reviews), allowing the individual style and contributions of each act to seep upward from beneath. Separated, the pieces pop from the page with the stylized prose that has made the Chronicle a must-read in Austin for more than three decades. Together, they create a sort-of photo album in words, telling the history of an entire scene (and in many cases, city) in a succession of brief glimpses.

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