Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gourmet Live :: Oaxaca al Gusto

Oaxaca al Gusto:
An Infinite Gastronomy
By Diana Kennedy
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The full-length feature version of Meet Diana Kennedy by Kemp Minifie appears in the current issue of Gourmet Live. Download the free Gourmet Live app for this story and more.

Water is a precious commodity in Michoacán. Kennedy collects rainwater in a large tank during the rainy season; this water is first used for the kitchen, wash basins, and showers, then filtered and recycled for the lavatories. Showers are no more than two minutes long (turn off while soaping, turn on briefly to rinse); dishwashing water is put in a zinc tub and heated by the sun, and any student found holding plates under a running tap gets an immediate scolding. Kennedy hoped to fuel the kitchen stoves with methane from the cow shed, but, sadly, that didn’t work out.
Gourmet Live‘s Kemp Minifie takes us to Mexico for an in-depth profile of culinary visionary Diana Kennedy, who is responsible for putting authentic Mexican food on the map. From crafting an eco-friendly kitchen to what ingredients she always has in her fridge, get to know the woman that Mexico has named a national treasure.

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